Sizing and Returns

Our cycling vests are designed to be worn over your regular clothes. See our sizing chart below to find your fit.

We offer full exchanges up to fourteen days from the date of delivery. If your garment doesn’t fit, just post it back in its original condition and we’ll send a different size.

Still not sure? Shoot us an email with the subject line ‘What size am I?’ and I’ll personally help you find the perfect fit.


Our sizing is larger than regular apparel as extra room has been added to allow for clothing. Best to measure yourself wearing jumpers/jackets for commuting in winter. Your vest can then double up for winter and summer and it surprisingly doesn't appear too big in those warmer months. Vests look best with a looser fit. They weren't designed to be tight. 

Ladies Vest Sizing

Ladies Vests with the Zipper are cropped above the hips for comfort and practicality. This length ensures the vest does not become tight when seated to ride, and if you are carrying items in the front pocket, the items won't interfere with rotating legs. It also means that all female body types can fit into their size.

Ladies Waistcoats are a little longer and quite sophisticated in appearance. Waistcoats are tailored to the ladies form and are designed to fit hips of all sizes as it fans out below the bottom snap fastener over the hips.

Ladies If you usually go between sizes in regular clothing, choose the largest of the two sizes i.e. if a person wears sizes 12 - 14 then best they choose a size 14 vest.

Mens Vest Sizing

Men who are not planning on wearing thick jackets whilst riding their bike can order a size down i.e. a man who usually wears size Medium clothing and doesn't ride in thick jackets can order a size Small. The mens sizes are extremely generous (even more than the ladies sizes) to fit the largest of motorcycle jackets.

Ladies Vest-Ladies Waistcoat-Mens Vest Sizing.jpg