Seconds PAGE

Vests without pocket are in the top section of this clearance page. All Reflect’o from now on are made with the pocket as we can not make
vests fast enough to cover such a large range WITH and WITHOUT the pocket in all their sizes as they take a while to make. The Reflect’o vests in the bottom half of this page are all with a pocket. Overall the vests look wonderful and work fabulously but there may be a few minor imperfections that make them unique (like you.) The imperfections may have been caused by glue accidentally getting on the bottom of the iron when the shapes were hand ironed on. Or maybe the shapes were folded when the reflective was still hot, or the sewing machine may have dented the reflective during its construction. Also, there may be slight, un-noticeable printing errors on them as sublimation is one of the most problematic printing methods available but it’s benefits outweigh its difficulties in that it doesn’t use water and is very fade resistant and very bright. Which ever imperfect’o vest you get, just know that it is still going to look great :D