The Hey Reflect'o Story

Hey Reflect’o was created out of sheer desperation to wear something visible on my bicycle other than the workman vest to be seen by motorists. I was rolling up to trendy bars in an awesome outfit underneath a workmans vest appearing like a Tradie (workman). Not Good. I set out to design high visibility reflective vests that not only compliment outfits but also make you feel great because they are really really cool. And here we have it...

"Hey Reflect’o cycling gear is fashionable, breathable, durable and eye-catching. Adorned with Funky Reflect’o and fluro geometric patterns these vests make you stand out day and night. It’s high visibility meets high fashion."


Meet the Maker

Lisa Penney is Radelaide born and is the creator of Hey Reflect’o

It all began on the kitchen floor, messing about with cut out paper patterns on fluro material. It only took 1 month to come up with all the designs and sew up the vests and over 1 year to refine how they were made to make them even more perfect’o. The fluoro and reflective shapes were initially stitched on to the vests which looked amazing but created an extra layer of warmth. This problem was solved after Lisa discovered a new printing technique and fell in love with it. Besides being fade resistant, this special printing allowed the vests to be lighter, more breathable and look very similar to the original vests (vintage vests.) She then took the idea to the local Adelaide printers where she educated them about the fabulous fluorescent printing. They hadn't known it even existed but they were willing to "give it a go." The new printing technique proved to be very complicated and it took over 6 months to set up and a further 6 months to perfect it.  And now... vests are able be produced in no time at all. Lisa travels to the factory on her retro single speed bicycle which has a bike trailer attached and transports all the material back to her studio where she puts the reflective artwork on it by hand.